The folders deliver effective information, empowering you patient’s and relatives experience.

Bedside Folders have been used by Hospitals since 1992 and were intended to replace paper-based booklets as a way of ensuring that patients, carers and visitors all have comprehensive information to their sides at all times.

Their ring bound nature allows you to keep the information up to date by way of inserts, which can be produced at later stages, if required. With the highlighted awareness of infection control through today’s media, the folders laminated pages and encapsulated covers are produced to the highest standards available.

We can provide these totally free of charge to you by featuring a limited amount of local and ethical sponsors. If you prefer, we can also provide an option without sponsorship at a low cost rate.

We will work with you to produce a bespoke folder to you with the view to having a folder by the side of each bed throughout the Hospital. We work within your organisations advertising guidelines, providing a working proof at all stages. We continue to develop proven electronic media to provide accessible information but accept that a high percentage of the general public are not computer literate and prefer printed material.

For further information and to receive samples please contact us.